Ingredients Servings per container: 60 Capsules

Maxocum capsule is a combination of 4 ingredients. Since thousands of years, all the ingredients of Maxocum capsule have been used in the management of sexual (reproductive) abnormalities. Maxocum capsule is a safe and effective formulation for management of male infertility caused due to Oligospermia, Scanty semen, Asthenozoospermia and Sexual debility. All the ingredients in the capsule are reported to have ‘Spermatopoetic (sperm producing)’ action. The individual efficacy of each ingredient is also mentioned in classical Ayurvedic literature. Scientific literature on ingredients also supports their use in male infertility.

The ingredients act through their multiple pharmacological actions; such as spermatopoetic, spermatogenesis stimulator, androgenic, Vitalizer, aphrodisiac, anti-aging, rejuvenator, anxiolytic-antidepressant, adaptogenic, neuronutrient -Neuroprotective, nerve-regenerative, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant.

ingredients servings

1. Kapikacchu (Mucuna pruriens):

In Ayurvedic texts, Kapikacchu is described as potent aphrodisiac, sperm and libido enhancer and nutrient. The seeds of Mucuna pruriens are being used to treat sexual debility, impotence and sperm disorders. In a clinical trial conducted in infertile men who were under psychological stress, it has been observed that M. pruriens not only reactivates the anti-oxidant defense system of infertile men but it also helps in the management of stress and improves semen quality, sperm count and motility. In another clinical trial, it has been observed that the treatment with M. pruriens increased sperm concentration and motility as compared to control group. In an animal experimental study, M. pruriens efficiently recovered the spermatogenic loss in rat models. The recovery is mediated by reduction in reactive oxygen species (ROS) level, regulation of apoptosis of germ cells. The study demonstrated that L-DOPA largely accounts for pro-spermatogenic properties of M. pruriens.

2. Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera):

W. somnifera is a vitalizer, rejuvenator, aphrodisiac & libido enhancer. It has been described as powerful stimulator of the Spermatogenesis and thus increases the sperm count and volume of the semen. Ashwagandha is known for its anti-aging effect and also improved sexual performance. Adoptogenic, anxiolytic, antidepressant, neuronutrient, nerve-regenerative and antioxidant effects of Ashwagandha have also been reported.

3. Vidarikanda (Pueraria tuberosa):

Vidarikanda increases the production of semen and it also acts as an aphrodisiac. It rejuvenates and vitalizes the body and prevents the ‘wear and tear’ of body tissues (anti-aging effect). Tuberosin, one of the active principles of Pueraria tuberosa, is capable of scavenging various species of Free radicals (FRs) and acts as an anti-oxidant. Pueraria tuberosa also enhances the sexual performance and used as general tonic.

4. Shilajit:

Shilajit has been in use as a folk medicine for over 3000 years as a rejuvenator and adaptogen. Shilajit is also known to have a potent aphrodisiac property. It is used to deal with genital tract and genitourinary disorder. In a research study, it has been observed that Shilajit has anti-oxidant and immuno-modulator activities.

How ingredients work :

  • Action on Seminiferous tubules: Most of the ingredients of Maxocum capsule exert direct spermatogenic action on the somniferous tubules, thus help to increase sperm count.  
  • Sperm Quality enhancing and Spermatopoetic Action: Almost all the ingredients of Maxocum capsule possess spermatopoetic action. These ingredients not only increase the sperm count and sperm motility but also increase the overall sperm quality.
  • Anxiolytic and Anti-stress Action: Ingredients of Maxocum capsule help to reduce the stress & performance anxiety in males thus, these ingredients help to decrease the stress induced sperm abnormalities (like low sperm count and motility).
  • Anti-oxidant, Neuronutrient, Nerve-regenerative Action: Ingredients of Maxocum capsule help to reduce formation of free radicals, reactive oxygen species (ROS) thus prevent the damage to body tissues. These ingredients also possess neuronutrient, nerve-regenerative properties and also help to nourish and rejuvenate body.  
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